February 2020

Path of Bliss Activity for February 2020 was to support communities (especially women) residing in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali by providing them sustainable livelihood. This was done by joining hands with Seva Charitable Trust. We donated 200 meters of fabric and other raw materials for their tailoring project.

Thanks to a few of our kind members who donated 2 laptops, 1 printer, a mixer grinder for their tribal kitchen project and plenty of clothes. The objective is to empower these women to independently earn their living through their different skill based projects, like authentic traditional lunch, handicrafts and tailoring projects. Our members learnt to make bird-feeders in the workshop conducted by them, had a nature trail led by the locals  and also had a delicious breakfast and lunch cooked traditionally in their kitchen. We also bought various handicraft items made by them. Such attempts will boost their self-confidence and make them independent to live an empowered life. 

December 2019

We supported Accesslife with their desktop requirement  and gifted each kid with a goody bag filled with healthy snacks and gifts. Accesslife provides accommodation, food and travel to the poor families of kids suffering from cancer and undergoing long treatments.
Path of bliss members arranged music and dance and  also puppet making and magic show for the kids and spent some fun time with the kids.
The kids were a bit reluctant in the beginning but slowly opened up and started dancing. Dr. Happy made them happy by making puppets and showed some magic tricks. The smile and their laughter was a real treat to watch. Even their parents forgot all the worries and laughed their heart out. 
It is so important for us to make them forget their sorrows, atleast for some time. 
With long cancer treatment regimes the entire family already displaced from their village is without any financial support and in depression. 
Spending a small amount of your time with them gives them so much happiness that it is simply worth it.
Thanks Vandana Desai and Kiritbhai for your kind support. This time Kids of our members made the program very interesting.
The event ended with the prayer song from Accesslife kids..
इतनी शक्ती हमे देना दाता....
The song was more appropriate for us to sing when we see the kids undergoing so much trauma during the treatment.
Thanks to all members who could make it to the event and those who were in spirits with us.