November 2019

Path of bliss along with Ashiyana supported their activity of building positive relationships in Dongri Children’s Home by donating a projector for the educational needs of the kids. Their stationery needs too were fulfilled by a few of our PoB members.
Our activity included a wonderful magic show by Dr. HAPPY, the clown magician- Mr. Pravin Tulpule, an ex-officer of the Indian Navy. The kids were rolling in laughter and it gave us supreme happiness to see their smiles and laughters in midst of their troubled phase of life.
Every kid has a different story and a past but the innocent laughter with joy makes you feel so nice that you could make them happy in their difficult times. The event ended with a circle of discussion of sharing our views and thoughts.
We will like to continue helping them in future for the well being of the kids. 

October 2019

Rescue foundation, Kandivli on12th October 3 to 5 pm.

Rescue Foundation is a non-profit, government recognized and registered NGO working for rescue, rehabilitation and repatriation of victims for human trafficking from different parts of India, Nepal & Bangladesh and sold for forced prostitution. 

We had a super enthusiastic Zumba session for the girls and an extremely informative talk on skin and hygiene by our member Dr.Vishakha Kamat. We will arrange a cervical cancer screening session for the girls. We supported them with their requirements of grocery, snacks, stationery, sarees, kurtis and many other things.

Aakriti Chhabra and her zumba team along with Rashmi Keshwani accepted our invitation for zumba session at Rescue Foundation.

Her mom Seema Chhabra, owner of Mumyums snack corner arranged for snacks for all the girls. Path of bliss society is thankful to both.

We are also thankful to Acharya Madhura didi from Sakinaka Children Home for donating grocery to Rescue foundation.

Path of bliss society thanks all their members for generous contributions.

September 2019


Path of bliss activity for September: Grocery distribution to underprivileged families. So blessed are we, there is a roof on our head and food on our plate and several other luxuries on our finger tips. However there are numerous other families who live in shanties and earn barely enough to afford 2 decent meals a day. 

One such slum development is kamraj nagar in Ghatkopar, where families are below poverty line. Path of bliss with the help of Saksham charitable trust (Pritiben) and a group of young sevaks belonging to annalaxmi trust joined hands to serve those families who are unable to earn a decent living. 70 such families are shortlisted with strict screening and basic groceries are provided to them every month.

Our forever enthusiastic team members arrived at 9 am, and participated in the distribution. A satisfying and humbling experience for us indeed; we have contributed in our own little way to feed the underprivileged.

Our good wishes to Saksham to continue this good work. Our members can donate old clothes, notebooks etc to Pritiben through Ripa.

August 2019

Day 1:

This Jalna vet camp and plantation was one activity which was quite eventful, intensely planned and executed to perfection in spite of numerous odds that arose during its course. As decided we all went to Satephal Village first where there was a veterinary camp where around 300 animals were vaccinated for haemorrhagic septicaemia vaccine. Simultaneous plantation activity was done at various houses using Hydrogel donated by Godrej thanks to Polish company Artagro. Path of bliss donated around 150 specific plants which have excessive green foliage and are useful for attracting rains and retain water in the soil. After a light snack the Sarpanch of the Village appreciated efforts of Path of Bliss and Sahyadri Samaj for initiating the Plantation drive and gave his word to keep the plants alive. We moved to next village Pathar deolgaon. We went to see the pond dug earlier by Sahyadri Samaj where there was very little water due to no rains and the need of the day was to plant more trees. The Sarpanch called for villagers at the Sabha where we demonstrated the use of Hydrogel and showed the villagers how the product can protect the plant from drought by absorbing 450 ml of water per gram. The villagers were extremely happy with the product and thanked us.

Day 2: 

Since we were already in Jalna we reached Nanegoan early for the planned plantation activity. Nanegaon is blessed with the river Sukhana. We planted banyan, neem and tamarind along the banks of river and a mango in one farm. We shared importance  of planned scientific afforestation to improve rainfall. After light snacks we moved to last village Jawasgaon for lunch and further plantation activity. The Sarpanch and his team were awaiting impatiently for us. The lunch they served us was so tasty and each of the vegetable was from their field. They made 5 veggies, different types of bhakris, thecha and many tasty farm delicacies, most of them were quite unknown vegetables from their farm. Even the sweet they made was very different milk sweet. Post lunch we were taken to a school where we were made to sit on dais and felicitated with garlands, shawl and coconut individually. The villagers expressed their thanks for giving them plants and coming to their help all the way from Mumbai. We planted some saplings at the school and explained them the use of Hydrogel. We saw the beautiful school and donated plants to the school students explaining them the need to plant them in their houses and watering them regularly. 

This was one of the most amazing and learning experience we had as a team. We also promised all the four villages that our team will occasionally visit the villages and check on the plants.

July 2019

 Naseoh, National Society for Equal Opportunities for the Handicapped, India works for comprehensive rehabilitation opportunities for the persons with disabilities so as to facilitate integration into the mainstream of the society. Path of bliss society conducted Drawing Competion and Zumba for the students and trainees of Naseoh. We also donated them a Xerox machine cum printer.  The Zumba session was conducted by Dhwani Vira who with her intense energy infused enthusiasm in the class and the whole Naseoh was dancing to the beats.

The drawing activity brought out such hidden talents from within each candidate and the participants really gave it all to bring in very lively images of the drawings they had in mind. 

Gifts were given to the best drawings in each category. We also took Healer, a lovely dog so that the children can enjoy her healing presence. All participants were given cake, biscuits and ladoos.

Thanks all for your wonderful support.

April 2019


On the day of World Health Day on 7th April, Path of Bliss arranged a well planned and systematic medical camp at village Bhuiyacha pada in Virar.  Pob volunteers camped at the site a day earlier so that all arrangements could be done well in time. There was a pandal put up for the doctors to examine the patients. The registration table was just before the pandal and every patient was given a banana and packet of biscuits. The patients were given numbers and assigned to appropriate doctors (dentist/ dermatologist/ general) based on their ailments. After doctors prescribed the medicines they were taken to watch an educational skit performed by Sahyadri Samaj on evils of alcoholism. There was a simple and tasty lunch for all. The properly organised pharmacy handled by pharmacists and members was a wonderful hit. More than 200 patients were benefited from this medical camp.

Thanks to all those who made it possible

March 2019


Make a wish event of March was our last event of the year and in every way a fulfilling one. It started with registration of kids and snacks of idli chutney and hot Shri Krishna batatawada.  The kids had photos at the selfie corner with a lovely print of the picture. The joy on the face of kids was a lovely sight to behold. The event started with a magic show performed by India's 1st digital illusionist- Ketan Lotia which thrilled the kids. Our anchor Sanjay Yadav stole the heart of the kids with his mithi boli. The formal wish grant event started with each Path of Bliss member granting the wish which ranged from doll, kitchen sets, video game, mobile, tablet, badminton kit, cricket set, battery operated car, battery operated bike, remote car, remote helicopter, cycle, gear cycle, battery operated scooter and TV. The kids and their parents were extremely happy that their long pending wishes were granted by Path of bliss. 

We appreciated the hard work done by all the Make a wish volunteers. They actually visit the hospitals to identify these wishes after a long interview with the kid and their parent. Many a times the kid is from long distance places and it is not simple to arrange such super planned event so efficiently.

The parent and kid were served delicious lunch of Pulao, raita and sheera, along with delicious guava juice. 

Thanks to all the members to make this brilliantly packed event a super success.

February 2019


St.Jude India Childcare Centre is a home away from home for underprivileged families during their child's treatment for cancer. Here they have a well established model of cost free holistic care. They provide free accommodation and support to children with their parents for treatment from villages and small towns and cities. St. Jude provides safe and hygienic housing, to and fro hospital transport for treatment, cooking facilities and nutrition rations, value based education, recreation and counselling. 

Path of bliss supported St.Jude Parel centre with ghee, sugar, readymade dosa mix, snacks, goody bags filled with dry fruits.

We played games with the kids and gave them prizes and it was a lovely recreation time for the kids and their parents who thoroughly enjoyed the games played. 

We served them home made snacks after the games. Thanks to all the members for your support.

January 2019


Activity for January 2019: Support to All Saints Home, established in 1897 and today has 39 inmates. 

Path of bliss supported All Saints Home with their requirement of groceries, a sturdy mixer for their canteen, some clothes and sarees, lunch and goody bags for the inmates.

Goody bags contained lots of utility items like Vicks, iodex, zandu balm, napkin, bedsheet, til ladoos, coconut oil, lux soap, petroleum jelly, Vaseline lotion and amul kool.

We started a game of musical housie playing kits of old and new Bollywood songs. The aunties were happy to listen to old tunes and identified and sang and danced too. They thanked us for the many things we did for them and were very happy that we spent nice quality time with them.

We also had a lunch of Biryani, raita, sheera and samosas with the inmates.

Thanks to the lovely team for making it to the event and you all for your support.